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Andrea in Biloxi, Mississippi

"Here is a photo of my finished Double Burlington Mantel with custom appliqué that was done for my home in Biloxi, MS. The mantel was built out of Alder wood. I absolutely love the ...

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The Burlington Mantel is a truly massive, yet intricate mantel created by The Mantel Shoppe.

The Burlington Mantel is available in:

  • Poplar/Plaster
  • Red oak
  • Cherry
  • Alder
  • Maple

The Burlington was designed in the early part of the decade to flow with houses that featured fluted columns with capitals similar to what you see in the picture above. It was a hit immediately in more expensive homes with large columns. We soon found out it was simply a hit in general. Even homes that don't carry a heavy price tag can give the effect that they do buy upgrading to the Burlington mantel. It is perhaps our most massive mantel and really stands out in any room. We create our own columns so we can make them as massive as the rest of the mantel calls for.The shelf of the Burlington Mantel is significantly deeper than most of our mantels so if you like to put stuff on the mantel this is a good choice for you. This mantel has truly been a favorite since it's inception. We can remove the capitals at the top of the fluted columns and the mantel can be constructed out of any species of wood. The columns can also be made without fluting.

Dimensions :

Standard Leg Width (G): 8"

Standard Breast Height (D): 16 3/4"

Shelf Depth:  13 3/4" 

Everything we build is custom so all other dimensions are based on your fireplace measurements.

Stain or Paint Grade Wood :

* An additional charge may apply for oversized Mantels