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Toni in Collierville, Tennessee

"My faux painter will finish the mantel today. She has worked on it for 3 days, layering colors and glazes. It's bold and beautiful! She is very impressed with your mantels. We are ...

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The Marianna Mantel is one of the most massive mantels created by The Mantel Shoppe in Trussville, Alabama.

The Marianna Mantel is Available in:

  • Poplar/Plaster Paint Grade

The Marianna Mantel is one of the most massive mantels we create. We have created a massive corinthian style leg that flows into the breast of the mantel. The breast contains Hal Casing moulding at the bottom and seven different moulding types at the top of the breast going into the mantel shelf, including two different egg and dart mouldings. The shelf of the Marianna Mantel is significantly deeper than most mantels so if you like to put stuff on the mantel this is a good choice for you. You will not find a design like the Marianna anywhere close to the price we have listed. And the real kicker is, the quality is better than the four and five thousand dollar mantels you see with similar designs. Don't let mantel distributors take advantage of you by marking up mantels they resell. Just as any other mantel we have in or catalog, we create the Marianna Mantel here. This means no buying and reselling markups that other mantel companies and sites deal with. You get this extraordinary product straight from the source and that is the fun, value, and confidence you get purchasing from the Mantel Shoppe. The Marianna Mantel is available only in paint grade materials because the leg corbels are made of plaster. However, we can paint it to make it looked like it is stained if we need to. 

Dimensions :

Standard Leg Width: 8"

Standard Breast Height: 16 3/4" 

Shelf Depth:  13 3/4"

Everything we build is custom so all other dimensions are based on your fireplace measurements.

Stain or Paint Grade Wood :

* An additional charge may apply for oversized Mantels