A mantel is a canvas for our work, which provides us with numerous possibilities in design. This is what drives us to create the best possible mantels for our customers and find new ways to create the perfect piece. Sometimes, nothing beats the classics.

The Classic Collection is the Mantel Shoppe's original line. The mantels featured in the Classic Collection have been with the Mantel Shoppe from the very beginning. Most of these mantels were the very first original designs of the Mantel Shoppe over twenty years ago, and they are even more popular today.

If you are looking to buy a mantel that is both unique and inexpensive, the Classic Collection is the way to go. It is their simplicity that has kept customers coming back for more when Ronald Leopard first started creating mantels in his small workshop in 1990. Now, the Mantel Shoppe is averaging 600 mantels a month for towns across Alabama.

With this history, we have the experience to satisfy every customer’s needs, whatever they may be. If there is something you cannot find out on the site, do not hesitate to ask. Our trained staff has been doing this for years.

For more information on the Classic Collection, contact us today.

Classic Collection


The Bradford is one of the original ten Mantel Shoppe designs. It features upper plinth blocks that create the look of a larger mantel but carries...

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The Bridgeport Mantel features 2 fluted boards per leg instead of 1 like most of the Classic Collection mantels.

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The Bristol Mantel will add elegance to any fireplace big or small.

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The Georgetown Mantel is a Classic Collection design created exclusively by The Mantel Shoppe.

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The Hampton Mantel has been one of The Mantel Shoppe's best sellers for twenty years.

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The Harrisburg Mantel has always been one of the fanciest of The Mantel Shoppe's Classic Collection of Mantels.

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The Hartford Mantel is an interesting array of moldings crafted together for a unique look.

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The Kingsport Mantel is the king of classic elegance fireplace decor.

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The Leesburg Mantel is one of our most sought after mantel models. Available for your purchase today!

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